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Sing along, internet!

You just found your favorite songs on the internet, folks!

Put Gabi On TV

You know these TV shows… these talkshows… perhaps the only way for the freak from next door to get some attention. Or Tom Cruise. But who really wants to watch this? We hate TV in general. We prefer the internet.

Kincky Carmen

Did you ever get one of these emails from strangers that invite you to have sex with them? Most likely, these emails come from evil spam roboters. But not everybody knows. This is a song about falling in love. With Kincky Carmen – a girl from the spam email.

Almost Real Joy

This is a song about the sex toy industry! There are amazing machines that can give a desperate soul some joy! Originally, this was one of the songs we wrote for our own musical ”Plug & Play Dieter“ which we sadly never finished.

Your Glamorous Life

Some people have a boooooring life. But – hooray for the internet – they can write about it on a weblog! This song is dedicated to all the bloggers out there that cannot help but to report about their glamorous life.

B.S.O.D. (Blue Song of Death)

Do you know this nice blue screen of death that appears when your PC is totally crashing? Thousands of millions of people see it every day. And cry. Dont’ let evil computers beat you! Don’t cry! Sing along!

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