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Everything we want you to want to know about Röntgenschall.

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1.1 Who is Röntgenschall?

It is us: four bearded dudes from Germany, somehow trying to play music. It is not commercial. Just for the fun of it.jump back to questions

1.2 What does Röntgenschall mean?

It’s German. ”Schall“ means ”sonic“. There are different types of schall. Ultraschall, Hyperschall, … but the most nasty schall is Röntgenschall. It has a special frequency that matches the natural frequency of the human brain. So you can only hear a Röntgenschall frequency once in your life. Of course, the Nazis invented it as an evil secret weapon. But the legend has in it, that all of the scientists died during the first test run and it’s development was never finished. We love the tragic in it. Evil will never prevail.jump back to questions

1.3 Why do you do all this?

We are a small band from a small town. We want to be a big band, playing gigs all over the world. We tried our very best but there was no chance for us to find someone doing a gig with us in New York or Tokyo or so. Slayer said we are pussies. Kylie said we are too punk. Our last chance is the internet! jump back to questions

1.4 Why do you wear mustaches?

Because it is sexy. Tickle tickle while kissing.jump back to questions

2.1 How does this tour-stuff work?

Eeeeeeaasy. First join the fanlub. Regard it as a list of people who want to host one of our shows. There will be five shows (plus one extra show). So we need five fans with a personal website. They are determined via rating. Every fanclub visitor can rate each fan. The top rated five fans will be the lucky ones in the end. Since it is a fanclub, the link you put in your fan-profile could point to a page of your website (eg. a blog post), where you prove that you are a real freaky Röntgenschall fan. So not only people you invited will rate you, but everyone who thinks that you are one of our coolest fans. Anyway – in the end there are five fans that get an email from us. We will announce the date so they can tell all their friends when to come to the (online-) show. Draw a tour poster or such. On the very day you will get a link to a video clip to easily embed it on your website. Five clips, individually dedicated to the five top fans – plus one clip we recorded for the rest of our fans.jump back to questions

2.2 How can you play on my website?!

We will upload a video on Google™-Video or YouTube™ (simply to embed on your website). It could be just for you, especially dedicated. From the bottom of our hearts.jump back to questions

2.3 When will the tour start?

It depends on how many people take part and join our fanclub. It would be nice if there were people from many different countries. Let’s say it is scheduled around January 2007. Spread the word!jump back to questions

2.4 Every fanclub member will get a show? Really?

We will record a special show that is dedicated to all our fans. As a Dankeschön. Everyone who joined the fanclub will get the link to embed this show to embed it on your website or blog. We will announce the date on our website and write an email once the show is online. Only the top-five fans will get individually dedicated shows.jump back to questions

2.5 Is the tour for free?

100% free.jump back to questions

2.6 I am not a geek. Will it be easy for me to host your show?

It is damn easy. If you have trouble, our little web monkey will help you. Promise.jump back to questions

2.7 I don’t have a website, what can I do?

There are many free blogging-services on the internet. We like Blogger™, but you can choose whatever you want.jump back to questions

2.8 You have just five shows announced. How do you choose where to play?

Join the fanclub. Let others rate you. The five top-rated fans will be the lucky ones to get an individual show. The rest will get a universal show.jump back to questions

2.9 Will you really play on any website? Are there limitations?

Well … we don’t like to play on a freak’s website. Nazis, children-fuckers, cannibals or such. If we discover that we don’t like you, we will rip your entry off our database. And eat it.jump back to questions

3.1 How can I join?

You have to go to the fanclub-page and click on the link that says ”click here to join“. You will find a form with a very few fields that you must fill out. You must fill out every field! The only thing that is optional is the user picture. You can skip this, then you must get along with a picture of Mr. Worf! On the bottom is the next tricky thing: a spam-protection supertechy roboter code. Simply type it into the field below. If you cannot read it, click on the code. You can refresh it until you are happy with it. For any questions or help, write at hilfe@rontgenschall.com.jump back to questions

3.2 Is the fanclub membership for free?

Yes.jump back to questions

3.3 Why should I join?

Because you are a fan. Because you want us to play on your website (you will get at least one show). Because it gives you incredible zauberkraft.jump back to questions

3.4 What about my email address? Will I recieve spam?

You will recieve an email after registration. And another one when the tour starts. That’s all. We will never sell or publish your address. Promise.jump back to questions

3.5 How does this rating-stuff work?

Once you are a member of our fanclub, other people can rate you. This affects your ranking among all members. The top five will get individual shows (the rest will get at least our universal show). Everyone can rate you, it doesn’t matter if someone is a member as well or not. But everyone can only rate each fan once per IP.jump back to questions

3.6 I don’t want to upload a picture.

Then you will automatically have a picture of Mr. Worf! If you are shy or ugly, take a picture of your pet. Or car.jump back to questions

3.7 I cannot upload the picture I choose. What went wrong?

Honestly … we don’t know. Try another browser. Try to edit the picture and save it again. Be sure it is either a .jpg, a .gif or a .png and less that 40kb in filesize. Or simply skip the picture. Well… you can email it to hilfe@rontgenschall.com and if the doctor has some spare time, perhaps he will set up the picture for you. jump back to questions

3.8 What the heck does this geeky code on the bottom mean?

There are evil roboters on the internet that crawl for opportunities to spamspamspam. We hate spam! Thus we need this code to make sure a human is joining. Read it. Enter it in the box below. Danke.jump back to questions

3.9 I cannot read the code! Help!

Sounds strange, but the code is designed for being hard to read. While roboters can’t read it, humans can. Simply click on it, it will refresh every time you do so.jump back to questions

3.10 I did not get an email after registration, what went wrong?

First check your spam directory. Not in there? Perhaps you provided a fake or wrong email address. Register again. If an error accours, telling you that the email address is already taken – and you are damn sure you typed it right – you have to take another address.jump back to questions

3.11 Can I edit my profile after I have joined?

Once you joined, you get an email with a supersecret link. You have to take care of it. Anyone who ownes the link gains the dark power to change your profile. At. Any. Time. Always. Forever.jump back to questions

3.12 People say they cannot rate me, what went wrong?

Everyone can rate each fan only once per IP.jump back to questions

3.13 Can I rate myself?

Yepp. Once per IP. Have fun.jump back to questions

3.14 Does it require to join before one can rate?

Nope. But: Only one chance to vote each fan per IP.jump back to questions

3.15 I cannot find myself in the list!

If you just joined, you will find yourself on the very bottom of the last page. After people rate you, you will climb higher. You can always see your ranking on your personal profile page.jump back to questions

3.16 I want to delete my account!

You don’t have the power to do so. But drop us a line. hilfe@rontgenschall.com. We can delete it for you.jump back to questions

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