RÖNTGENSCHALL! -- first band to tour the internet

What is this?

It’s a virtual fanclub. It is the place where people can join to support Röntgenschall. In the beginning we used this fanclub to determine the hosters of our online-tour. Now we think about turning it into something usefull … powerfull … stay excited!

some weird hands grabbing big letters (R and Ö)
All fields required but the picture! If you do not upload a picture, you will be Mr. Worf!

You can choose every name you want here. As long as it is not already taken by anyone. Because we will use it to generate a unique URL to your personal profile-page, it must not contain other characters than regular letters (no umlauts or such) plus ”-“, ”_“ and ”~“.

Enter your valid email address. We won’t publish it! But we need it to contact you (if you are one of the lucky guys that host one of our shows). And you will need it to recieve a link to your personal profile-page and a secret link to edit your profile at any time. Just for case you made a little mistake.

Ideally, you should link to the place where you show us how much of a Röntgenschall-fan you are. This could be a post on your blog. Like this: »http://www.yourdomainname.com«.

This is easy. Place some cool blahblah here. Won’t eat html code!

Choose a picture of you or someone that looks better than you. It must be less than 40kb and will be rezised to 80x80 pixels. .gif / .jpg / .png only!

Savvy spam protection. Just type the code obove into the textfield. If you cannot read it, you are like most spambots. But you luckily can click here on the code to refresh it.

Please notice: our internet-tour just took place. If you join our fanclub we don’t guarantee you will get a show. But sure there will be some new exciting Schall-event and by joining you won’t miss it!

Joining our fanclub is quite easy. Just fill in all the fields. If a field is highlighted, you will see an info text that will help you. This does not work with JavaScript disabled. Check out the FAQ for more information.

After registration, you will recieve an email. It contains a supersecret link that you can always use to change your fanclub profile. No mail? Check your spam directory, maybe it got stuck there.