RÖNTGENSCHALL! -- first band to tour the internet

What is this?

It’s a virtual fanclub. It is the place where people can join to support Röntgenschall. In the beginning we used this fanclub to determine the hosters of our online-tour. Now we think about turning it into something usefull … powerfull … stay excited!

some weird hands grabbing big letters (R and Ö)
this beauty is Dr.Octopussy Dr.Octopussy 14 58
Love the schall, besonders wenn its coming from such begnadeten musicians like you! Though I havent heard a tune, I believe that it is gorgeous. Think we should start the Überband X-Ray-Überschall!
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You can promote Dr.Octopussy by putting a badge on your homepage that leads here. Choose one of the designs below, simply copy & paste the code to your website (blog, myspace, whatsoever).

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