RÃNTGENSCHALL! -- first band to tour the internet

a world map with notes in bubbles on it

We sold that old bus.

We want to tour the world. Online.

The tour is over. You may find all shows on our frontpage.

100 million people in the audience

We are sick of playing in small towns. Thus we don’t want to play on stages anymore – we want to play on websites. Your blog could be our stage!

be part of the schall

If you want us to crash our guitars on your homepage, join our fanclub. Everyone who does, gets a show on his website.

love us

You think you are the biggest Röntgenschall fan ever? Well, prove that you are! Draw a gigantic banner with your own blood and stick it on a skyscraper. Tattoo ’RÖ‘ on your butt and undress in talkshows. Show it on your blog or website, add the link to your fanclub profile and let others rate. The more points you get by voting, the higher you appear in the list. The five best-rated fans will be the hosters of five individually dedicated shows.

your blog is our stage

When the ’acquisition period‘ is over, we will contact the top five fans. We will make a video of the show that you will be easily able to embed on your blog or website. Now it is up to you to invite all your friends to the show on your website. Why don’t you draw a poster? Each show will be individually dedicated to the hosting fan, it will be unique, supersexy and stunningly beautiful – just for you!

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