RÃNTGENSCHALL! -- first band to tour the internet

Nice to meet you here.

Say hallo to Röntgenschall.

Dr. Reimund Blumen (guitar, voice)

portrait of dr. blumen

Reimund and his younger brother Siegfried formed the band years ago. They shared a hard time, childhood was a nightmare and they both became heavily drug addicted during the early 80s. It turned out that music was the only chance to find a way out – they both started Röntgenschall as a Hip-Hop crew in 1985. Reimund always had a problem with violence and controlling aggression. Many days in prison finally led him to slugs. He became an ambitious slug-tamer and is an approved scientist today. »I love slugs. They are calm. They don’t have eyes. So they cannot stare at me. They offer me a previously undiscovered source of inspiration and peace of mind.«

Siegfried Blumen (guitar. voice)

portrait of siegfried blumen

Siegfried is Reimund’s younger brother. He has the most musical influences on the band. He was the one who paved the way from 80s Hip-Hop to Röntgenschall’s unique sound of today. His idols are early underground Jazz musicians (e.g. Ernie Peacock or Ulli Trompete – which only a few people might know). Besides the band, Siegfried is a preacher. He is an active member of the ’Kirche der Motidulisten‘ (Church of the Motidulists), a religious underground organisation. »There a two things in life that I believe in: the power of music and the return of Ulrimor. There is nothing I fear.«

Herr Stock (drums, voice)

portrait of herr stock

Herr Stock is Röntgenschall’s drummer. He does not want his full name published for good reason. When he was younger, he worked for the Eastern German secret service. He does not seem to have a life outside the band. He is a maniac all-day-practicing drummer-freak. Reimund and Siegfried first saw him at the ’Münsterlander Marschmusik Festival‘, where he was appearing in a marching brass band, playing a bassdrum, three snare drums and a glockenspiel at the same time! »Don’t ask about my past. What counts is today. And today is playing drums. I want to be the best playing and best looking drummer in the world.«

Bassplayer (with no name) (bass)

portrait of bassplayer

When Dr. Blumen, Siegfried and Herr Stock finally found a practicing room, the band who formerly owned it, accidentally left their bassplayer. This was a good chance because Röntgenschall needed a bassplayer anyway. This bassplayer seems not to be able to speak much, nor does he have a home. He just lives in the practicing room. Noone knows how he could survive there without eating, but he definitely dislikes cheese. He keeps a dark and gloomy secret – that’s for sure.

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Sure you would not want to mess around with Dr. Reimund Blumen!.

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Watch Siegfried doing a superspooky seance. Gespenster!

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The US Marines are little girls â here comes Herr Stock with his extreme workout!

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Can a hidden camera reveal Bassplayerâs secrets? Extremely erotic content!